The microservices architectural pattern is an architectural style that is growing in popularity, given its flexibility and resilience. Together with technologies such as Kubernetes, it is getting easier to bootstrap an application using a Microservices architecture as never before.

In short, the microservice architectural style is an approach to developing a single application as a suite of small services, each running in its own process and communicating with lightweight mechanisms, often an HTTP resource API. These services are built around business capabilities and independently deployable by fully automated deployment machinery. …

This article has a bit more of DevOps flavour than the previous articles, focused more on Elixir. In this article I show how to easily run a multi-zone Kubernetes cluster on AWS, where we’ll deploy a Phoenix Chat application.

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There are many ways to deploy a Kubernetes cluster on AWS (Amazon Web Services). At the moment, AWS offers EKS, Elastic Kubernetes Service, which helps us deploy and manage our Kubernetes clusters. It costs $0.20/hr, which is $144/month: that’s not cheap actually, especially if…

You’ve been advancing along your payroll career path for several years and believe it’s time to make the leap to payroll management — or you’ll be ready soon. It’s a big step. It means you’re confident you have the skills and experience to handle higher-level accounting functions for the business. And you feel ready to not only supervise the payroll team, but also take the lead on making sure they stay current with the latest payroll best practices, technology and compliance requirements.

When companies are staffing payroll management roles, they typically look for candidates who have worked in payroll for…

In most organizations, payroll is the single biggest expense, and managing the effectiveness of that investment is critical. Companies depend on their payroll service provider to support all aspects of their payroll — from compliance to analytics — plus all associated workforce management needs. To accomplish this, payroll must operate optimally, and to do so requires a new approach.

Modern Global Payroll Platform

Transforming payroll to improve performance

Payroll transformation takes many forms. Some companies utilize single country outsourcing to achieve tactical goals. One of the primary benefits of this regional consolidation approach is the standardization of processes based on similar statutory requirements and…

A VPN — or Virtual Private Network — is the ultimate tool to maximize your online privacy and freedom. A good VPN service allows you to:

  • Appear to be anywhere in the world by replacing your IP address and location with that of the VPN server.
  • Restore your privacy by encrypting your internet traffic and thereby making it unreadable to third parties, such as your internet provider, network admin, or surveillance agencies.
  • Secure your devices from hackers, attacks, and the risks of public WiFi networks.
  • Unblock restricted content no matter where you are located in the world.

If you want…

They say that hindsight is 20/20, but when it comes to cybersecurity in 2020, foresight is crucial. With 2019 more than halfway finished, companies are already having to prepare for the cyber threats they’ll face in 2020. Although attackers are constantly looking for new exploits and strategies to defraud and damage companies, some older threat strategies remain amongst the most frequent threats to a business’ cybersecurity. For More Additional Information At Cyber Security Online Training

What are some of the top cybersecurity threats to look out for in 2020?

A few of the biggest threats include:

1) Phishing/Social Engineering Attacks

2018 saw an enormous amount of phishing attacks against all kinds…

Windows Defender is essentially an anti-malware scanner. But in Windows 10, it has firewall capabilities through the Windows Defender Firewall, which is the updated version of the classic firewall built into the world’s most popular operating system.

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If you’ve been using Windows for a long time, you will recall that the OS has featured a firewall since Windows XP. Before Windows 10, this firewall was simply known as Windows Firewall.

The “new” Windows Defender Firewall works much in the same way…

What is web application security

Web application security is the process of protecting websites and online services against different security threats that exploit vulnerabilities in an application’s code. Common targets for web application attacks are content management systems (e.g., WordPress), database administration tools (e.g., phpMyAdmin) and SaaS applications.

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Perpetrators consider web applications high-priority targets due to:

  • The inherent complexity of their source code, which increases the likelihood of unattended vulnerabilities and malicious code manipulation.
  • High value rewards, including sensitive private data collected from successful source code…

As technologies come and go with the snap of a finger, it is imperative for a cybersecurity expert to keep pace with the latest from the world of cyberthreats. As the state of technology is evolving, so are the vulnerabilities and the number of cyberattacks.

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This also means that cybersecurity experts can enjoy a lot of success in their careers, mainly because enterprises are ready to pay handsome salaries to those that bolster their digital security. …

Your enterprise network is large and complex, and probably relies on numerous connected endpoints. While this is good for your business operations, and makes your workflow easier to maintain, it also presents a challenge for security. The trouble is that the flexibility of movement within your network means that if a malicious actor gains access to your network, they are free to move around and cause damage, often without your knowledge.

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Read on to learn what constitutes a network attack and what you…

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