Why the Key to a Modern Global Payroll Platform is Integration with HCM and Finance Systems

Modern Global Payroll Platform
  • Major cost avoidance in having to build and support multiple technical integrations
  • Cost take out from replacing manual payroll process
  • Cost avoidance of persistent payroll re-runs and late changes
  • Measurable compliance parameters that mitigate against risks of changing in-country requirements
  • Timely accurate information delivering insights into key strategic and operational decisions
  • Reliability of strong employee engagement, for critical aspects of pay and reward.
  • best-practice security and encryption procedures,
  • seamless scalability and uptime, and
  • repeatable error handling and recovery scenarios.

Benefits of an Immedis integrated Global Payroll

The unique strengths that Immedis provides include:

  • Workday Payroll Certified — visit the Workday Payroll Training
  • Ultimate Certified
  • A proven methodology to safely work through business transformation
  • A cloud technology platform built with a global first methodology and with enterprise integration capabilities fully baked in.
  • Designed specifically for payroll, so plugs in a global payroll capability straight out of the box.



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